The Innovation playground has its own dedicated area on the show floor and is primarily there to showcase and interact with innovative products and technology. The innovation playground is different to the launchpad as it is for established companies that may just want to showcase a new product or innovation.

Take a look at the companies who showcased their experiential technology at the show this year.

atmos VR_250px


AtmosVR are experts in the provision of 3D scanning services. From construction sites to crime scenes, 3D scanning is fast becoming the tool of preference for project managers and courts alike.  AtmosVR uses the latest  FARO 3D scanning technologies so that we can offer the best services in these fields to our customers. We support forensic investigations, crime scene analysis or fire investigation inline with  ISO 17020 Accreditation requirements. Additional scanning services support architectural, environmental & heritage sectors.  Our scanners can be attached to Drones offering unlimited flexibility whilst Importing and manipulating data into VR  and AR design software offers a variety of services to support your project needs. 



Austella are a digital content studio based in Ascot, Berkshire specialising in Virtual & Augmented Reality and Blockchain content creation. Austella have a track record in delivering awe-inspiring, immersive marketing campaigns with some of the World’s leading brands and are attending TTE to help de-mystify Blockchain and immersive technology and demonstrate how the industry can take advantage of the technology through a range of interactive demonstrations.

BELOUDEST Logo Cropped - 900 x 250_300px


Beloudest is an extended reality production company that offers XR solutions to brands, groundbreaking user experiences for audiences, and provides services that synergises the real, virtual and augmented world's together to reach the fully connected digital reality of the future.



DataArt is a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, helping clients take their businesses forward. Recognized for the deep domain expertise, DataArt teams create new products and modernize complex legacy systems that affect technology transformation in the travel and hospitality industry.


EXP360 makes VR technology commercially useful by offering VR solutions for immersive sales, marketing, recruiting and training processes. Entirely platform-based, scalable and integrated, our products and services have a short time to market allowing you to quickly maximise your investment with higher levels of engagement and intelligent and insightful data. Our software and integrated hardware portfolio allows you to quickly and economically integrate 360° media and VR technologies into your business with our end-to-end expertise and support.

Our EXP360 Guide Kit is a tool for guiding and connecting with your audience through VR and 360° content. It is commonly used by marketing, sales, service and support teams to engage potential or existing clients in face-to-face meetings such as promotional events.

The EXP360 Personal App connects with a remote audience through VR and 360° content on various channels. The app can be fully customised to your brand’s design.

Or just integrate your VR and 360° content to all digital and print media channels, with our optional plug and play website players and auto-generated EXP360 QR codes.


RIVR Reality in virtual reality limited - TUI_200


Immersive training for all industries, scanning of any real world environment using VR simulation as a way to assess & accredit.  Activating special memory around a situation Stimulating muscle memory for real world tasks Learn skills normally taught in hazardous situations