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We have lift-off for the 4th annual Disrupt Launchpad & Awards.

Take a look through the favourite five finalists below! 

The top 5 finalists who polled the most online votes will present their innovation in a 'Dragons Den Style' Pitch live on Wednesday 20th February, (Day 1) 16.00 - 17.00 in the Innovation Theatre to the judges and attendees of the show. The winner of the final stage will be announced, collect their trophy, and also receive a free stand at Travel Technology Europe 2020!





HOPPER VIDEO is new software platform which allows users to create personalised, data-driven videos.

Customers now expect more before buying a holiday. Quality content, personalisation and a one-to-one approach. Send a tailored video experience - re-engage abandoned carts, deliver custom video itineraries & send offers of trips that will interest them.

Hopper is proven to increase engagement by 2X-5X.Utilise your customer data to deliver a truly memorable one-to-one video experience with Hopper. Learn more in their video.


Contact: Matthew Cooper




NAVA has created immersive city experiences across Europe, by developing accurate recommendation algorithms and combining the output with a genuine storybook experience. They help locals and travellers alike unlock the city, while helping travel companies understand exactly when and where visitors go, through analysing behavioral and geo-spatial data. Their vision, is to revolutionise the way that companies interact with customers, by offering granular analytical insight that's developed by creating digital avatars of consumers.

Contact: Tom Charman



PANZLY  is the first flight insurance for delays or cancellations with automatic and immediate payouts. Nobody wants to be delayed during their important trip. However, if it happens, we transform your pain into financial gain. We are entirely devoted to creating unique, smart and innovative fight insurance along with high-quality support services. Read more about Panzly here.


Contact: Alex Gayduk


TRIPX technology is an innovation that has identified a niche in the travel sector worth over $124 Billion yearly, but it's nothing without native mobile technology.  TripX travel solutions are for Tour Ops, OTA's & Tourist Boards. TripX provides cost effective implementations and adds a new revenue generation stream to travel businesses worth millions. TripX system agnostic solutions allow businesses to offer customised additional revenue products to their existing customers while in destination.

In Destination App to book custom made tours, activities & extras - easier and cost effective way to generate extra revenue for agents. Learn more  here.




Grapevine travel

GRAPEVINE is Travel's first content aggregation platform powered by Machine Learning. They collate the best location based content (articles, blogs, videos) and combine it with friends' and influencer recommendations, allowing you to discover, validate, organise and book your trip at the touch of a button. Think Pinterest designed specifically for millennial travellers. Mature industries such as music, entertainment and retail have been disrupted by simplicity and convenience. Travel is next.. join us on our journey.


Contact: Jack Dow