24-25 February 2021, ExCeL London




Meet the innovators

The Launchpad enables you to be among the first to discover new and disruptive technologies to help elevate your business.
At this year's show we had 9 innovative companies, all registered businesses for just 2 years or less, demonstrating their new products and services.


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A live video calling platform that helps businesses of all sizes present and sell package deals to web customers.

Whether your business specialises in travel, exhibitions, weddings, hotels, or any other type of product bundle, Crikle can help boost your sales conversations and client relations by allowing your agents to create bespoke packages for customers before sharing them in real time over video or voice call.






Helping to solve the issues of congestion, Data Duopoly create win-win situations for visitors and venues by offering personalised discounts to visitors, as an incentive to visit less busy areas around an attraction.

Unique location data insights are gathered to improve attractions’ future planning, and increase concessionary spending on-site. Visitors benefit from an engaging and tailored experience and less queuing. 


Element's vision is to be their client’s business partner, supporting them with all their travel technology needs; technology that will scale with them as they grow and enable their clients to be self‐sufficient in the technology.

Element helps TMCs understand that in order to remain relevant and competitive, they must begin to define themselves as technology sellers. In turn, they help their clients understand the value of the technology they offer. 


A startup aimed at helping travel sites and their users book trips.

Most if not all purchase decisions are actually group decisions, but online booking websites don’t offer the group the basic tools they need in order to decide.

Planning a trip is a big effort for users. They are challenged in synchronizing schedules, agreeing on options and verifying all the details over archaic channels. So Gamitee set themselves the mission of re-imagining the way online travel booking works and offer their solution direct to the websites themselves.



The first full‐service B2B aggregator in the tours and experiences market. Holibob helps consumer facing travel brands and businesses to sell tours and experiences to their customers.

Through the development of their software with a service model, Holibob not only aims to digitise the supply chain, it also offers comprehensive supplier due diligence that makes tours and experiences safer and better for the consumer. 

Holibob wants to build a distribution network that accelerates digitisation.


Kyte is reinventing airline distribution, building the best API for airlines to offer great content to travel companies.

Through Kyte, airlines can maximise their ancillary sales and travel businesses can deliver an amazing user journey that tech savvy customers expect today.

Kyte integrates directly with airlines through either a bespoke API or NDC to provide rich flight inventory (flights & ancillaries) via a rest API. Kyte is the best platform for running a travel business of any size. Find flights, book hotels and accept payments within seconds.


Disrupting the payments value chain to better serve travel businesses and airlines. Trstpays' innovative trust service reduces risk for all parties, and as a direct result increases margins, improves liquidity and accelerates settlement.

An independently managed trust account sits between you and your acquiring bank; removing frustration from a payments eco‐system which hasn’t evolved with industry need. Instead of balancing risk, Trstpays' trust model reduces it. They use an industry‐leading database and transaction checking tool to monitor payments against actual travel. Funds can then be released from the trust a set number of days eg 14 or 30 before travel takes place; rather than the conventional 180 days from the initial transaction.



A first‐of‐its‐kind platform that connects airlines and hotels around the world with live customer demand for paid upgrades, providing a brand‐new, highly controlled distribution channel plus additional revenue, all at no commission cost or fee to the airline or hotel.

Upgrade Pack's mobile‐first app connects airlines and hotels with their community of frequent travellers who want, and are willing to pay, for an upgrade.

Their unique subscription model is funded through their banking and corporate clients, who provide access to their app as a loyalty‐based reward.



Established in 2018, Vervotech was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs.

Vervotech aims at collaborating closely with travel agencies to help them solve complex problems by leveraging artificial intelligence, putting data at the core of decision making and being laser focused on their clients' business.

Vervotech has launched 2 products with 14 customers within their first year of operations including NEXUS which comes pre‐integrated with all leading hotel content suppliers including Hotel Beds, Expedia, Agoda, Web Beds and many more. It offers more than 900,000 unique properties across the world, enabling you to provide a wide choice of hotels to your customer. 





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