How digital and legal changes can reshape travel distribution

15 February 2018

bd4travel, a leading provider of AI-driven real-time personalisation for travel businesses, is presenting enhanced solutions for two major challenges every digital travel business is facing today: Interacting with customers on a personal level while using their personal data in compliance with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The fundamental principles behind GDPR are not to stop companies collecting data about customers. Rather it’s to give individuals more control over their personal data by ensuring fair and transparent data processing. bd4travel believes that this can be an opportunity for the acceptance and demand of a new level of personalised services – also in travel distribution.

On day 1 (3:30 – 4:15pm) Andy Owen-Jones, CEO of bd4travel, will chair a TTE Tech Huddle which discusses the idea that GDPR can be an opportunity for personalisation in the travel industry. How can digital retailers effectively prepare themselves to differentiate effectively? At the same time, bd4travel’s latest white paper release at TTE explains how to comply with GDPR while boosting the customers’ shopping experience and achieving more sales.

bd4travels personalisation technology, which is currently implemented at leading OTAs in 11 international markets, receives a major upgrade by introducing new ‘Lifetime Value’ analytics module at TTE. It enables the recognition of the major impacting factors of an audiences’ lifetime value and identifies ways to steer actions to improve the value. New functions for optimising remarketing and on-site campaigns complete the product enhancements presented at TTE.