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  • GDPR’S 72 HOUR RULE With the ever-increasing amount of personal data being stored, GDPR’s strict guidelines came as no surprise. As we all know, GDPR has enforced a hard statutory requirement to ident ...
  • Growth strategies for your vacation rental business should be rooted in data, not luck

    06 Feb 2018 Gabrielle Retcho, Content Marketing Strategist, AirDNA.
    Market fluctuations in the vacation rental industry causes huge shifts in the industry’s investability, leaving would-be investors with questions like: where are the best locations for short-term rent ...
  • GDPR in Travel: The Opportunity

    08 Feb 2018 Paul Stephen, CEO, Sagittarius
    With the regulation deadline fast approaching there is lots of discussion around what brands need to be doing next to cleanse their data and improve compliance. This has created a wave of panic within ...
  • Getting the channel distribution balancing act right

    14 Feb 2018 Rupert Gutteridge, sales and marketing director, Guestline
    ‘Time is money’ goes the saying that sometimes feels as if it rules the world. Businesses everywhere are trying to achieve more, in less time, and for less cost. When it comes to effectively managing ...
  • It’s been 20 years since burst on to the scene and started to shift the travel industry landscape – and frankly it hasn’t stopped moving since. Comparison style sites drive the price wa ...
  • In the 1988 iconic film The Accidental Tourist, William Hurt plays a travel writer who teaches his readers to feel as if they never left home when they’re traveling. The film reflects a traveler’s fea ...
  • Customer experience is not about having a ‘good’ customer service - this should be a given in all successful businesses. It’s about creating an experience that leaves a customer feeling valued, specia ...



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