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Annual survey results


Annual survey results

At the end of last year, we conducted our annual survey, looking at new technologies and their impact on the travel industry.
Artificial intelligence, legacy systems and personalisation were some of the key areas highlighted.
To show you how TTE can assist with these trends, we have curated a list of some of the speakers, conference sessions and exhibitors that work in these areas.

1) Artificial intelligence

70% of respondents believe that artificial intelligence will have the biggest impact on travel
55% have already invested or are planning to invest in AI technology
50% highlighted AI as a key trend for this year

AI exhibitors:

bBillian IT solutions has partnered with Fly Now Pay Later whose technology uses thousands of data points and AI to make instant lending decisions, optimising payment terms to find the best deals.


Chetu is a custom software development company servicing startups, SMBs and Fortune 500 firms worldwide with specialized technology solutions such as AI, AR, VR and Blockchain.


Daktela's cloud based omni-channel solution supports a range of new and evolving technologies such as ChatBots, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality.


Sagittarius offers award winning developments, cloud technology hosting solutions via the Azure platform, along with a variety of AI and ML services including workshops to help businesses champion their brands and stay ahead of their competitors.

AI conference sessions:

Becoming a search superstar


What do we need to do to make users happier with search? Is it about adopting voice or AI in search tools or is there something more fundamental we can do?

Wednesday 26 February, 10:00-10:40AM

Is 2020 the year for AI in travel?


An AI thought leader explains why 2020 will be seen as a watershed in the travel sector as companies embrace machine learning and other AI technologies.

Wednesday 26 February, 10:00-10:40AM

Is the telephone dead?


With experts predicting 2020 as the year for AI and Automation in travel, we’ll look at the latest customer communication technology and discuss if the telephone still has a role to play within the customer journey.

Wednesday 26 February, 13:15-13:55PM

Leveraging technology to scale your tour operator


Learn about the Top 5 technologies that leading Tour Operators are using to solve key scaling challenges. 

Thursday 27 February, 11:15-11:55AM

The future of customer service in travel


Is the future an expensive blend of face-to-face, call centre, social and bot or can we use technology wisely to improve support and reduce cost?

Thursday 27 February, 14:00-14:40PM

Controlling the crowds: technology for visitor management


How can new technologies and the latest innovations help our industry to better manage capacity optimisation and visitor dispersal in destinations?

Thursday 27 February, 15:00-15:45PM

AI experts:

Denis Baranov


Denis specialises in designing and building business solutions in financial services, capital markets, and retail verticals. He is passionate about technology innovation, and is currently focused on leading the development of market solutions underpinned by distributed ledger technologies such as Blockchain, and AI technologies such as machine learning.

Marta Dunphy-Moriel

mMarta has assisted numerous UK based and international organisations with the role out of data protection/GDPR compliance projects, advised on privacy and AI (with a special focus on health tech), data sharing, data export solutions and BCR. She regularly contributes to professional publications on a variety of privacy and data protection topics, including AI, cybersecurity and travel.

Thierry Gnych


Thierry advises C-Suite, Lines of Business and IT on unleashing the power of Cognitive, Analytics, Blockchain and Internet of Things (IOT). He looks for innovative solutions and approaches to address the challenges faced by the T&T industry in the context of digital transformations, customer experience reinvention and operational excellence.


2) Legacy systems

Nearly 50% of respondents identified legacy systems as the main barrier to digital transformation within the travel industry

Legacy system exhibitors:


Amigo lets travel enterprises re-engineer digital experiences on top of legacy technology. Using purpose-built tools, they let established businesses experiment like startups, delivering new experiences to their customers quickly and cost-efficiently.


Infarsight is an IP incubator and technology service provider, specialising in the travel industry. They focus on digital transformation in travel distribution, hospitality and resort management.


Powered by the Salesforce platform, Kaptio travel and booking CRM frees your travel business from legacy systems, equipping you to embrace new ways of working. Transform your client’s experience while delivering incredible operational efficiencies.

Legacy system conference sessions:

Innovation for lazy people

Helping those tasked with innovating in large, established travel businesses & struggling with legacy technology.

Wednesday 26 February, 12:15-12:55PM

Business travel technology 2020

New tools are becoming more popular but certain travel technologies are stubbornly resistant to change.

Wednesday 26 February, 14:00-14:40PM

Killing off legacy tech the right way

Travel companies are often held back by the systems they have used for years. We hear from those who have overcome that fear.

Wednesday 26 February, 15:00-15:40PM

How to make digital transformation a success

An expert shares their thoughts on what travel companies need to do to make transformation work.

Thursday 27 February, 12:00-12:40PM

Legacy system speakers:

Mike Adam


Mike is a highly successful serial technology entrepreneur.  In Mike’s experience the best innovators, either in startups or corporates, are often marked by one surprising characteristic: laziness. He has founded multiple startups; his latest, Amigo, lets travel enterprises re-engineer digital experiences quickly on top of legacy technology.

John Ames



With nearly 25 years of extensive technology and business management experience, John is a commercially focused and innovative technologist with the proven ability to lead the technology function in high growth businesses. He is an expert in legacy and digital transformation and is experienced in managing transformation programmes.

3) Personalisation

87% of respondents said more personalisation was what their customers were asking for

Hyper-personalisation was highlighted by over 50% of all respondents as the key trend to watch in 2020

Personalisation exhibitors:


10 Degrees are specialists in developing GeoIP technology, multilingual multi-sites, automated editorial workflow and API integration services using WordPress and bespoke web apps using Laravel.

Their team are experienced in developing bespoke functionality, for example by using location based personalisation.



NAVA makes personalised recommendations of where to go in your city using machine learning that's influenced by your interests, in-app interactions and patterns in location behaviour.

They've developed global brand partnerships with airlines, hotels and OTAs, to provide their personalised, and real-time content as an API, giving customers a personalised experience when visiting a new city.







The next generation of GDPR-compliant marketing automation technology.

This UK built and managed automation platform has been purposefully developed to deliver the features that really matter. The result? Great-looking, intelligent marketing campaigns that generate qualified leads and contribute to business growth.

Personalisation conference sessions:

Personalisation: I can't believe it's not personalised


Personalisation is a challenge most marketeers face but none more so than travel. This session will look at some of the challenges such as how to use demographics from live and previous transactional data to truly personalise communications.

Wednesday 26 February, 13:00-13:45PM

True personalisation utilising dynamic data


With cart abandonment in travel being 81.1% in Q1 2019, how do you understand your customer journey better and effectively engage you audience to better convert those engaging with your products? This session will discuss challenges of the many-to-many data relationships common in travel.

Wednesday 26 February, 14:15-14:55PM

Targeting your customers better through personification and converting them


How can you reach your potential customers at the right time with the right message in a world where privacy is under attack? How can you use your existing customer data better to design products and processes and drive revenue? How can we get better personalisation? Once targeted, how do you get them to purchase?

Thursday 27 February, 12-12:40PM

Personalisation speakers:

James Skellington








James is Head of Travel and Business Development at Force24. He is a firm believer that people make technology valuable.  Without the right support structure and access to training, too often phenomenal Martech under-performs. At Force24, James empowers marketers to be more strategic in their day-to-day activity, providing strategic support to achieve hyper-personalisation in travel.


Jake Sweeney








Jake is Head of Strategy at Force24 and has over 6 years experience of working in the marketing automation space. He works closely with brands to truly understand their audience, utilising that information to create bespoke customer journeys from “welcome” to “cart” and “browse abandonment”, each contributing to a bespoke experience for the customer.

Paul Stephen


With over 20 years in marketing and developing websites, Paul is one of the UKs leading experts on digital marketing. He often lectures and consults within the industry on digital and marketing related subjects. Paul also consults nationally and internationally, helping brands improve acquisition and retention through personalisation, segmentation and digital transformation.





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