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Bidroom’s “Better Deal” Feature Becomes an Instant Success

Feb 20, 2017

Launched by on the 7th of February, the “Better Deal” feature, has turned into immediate success, the Dutch startup announces.

The new functionality allows consumers who have already made a booking with another booking platform, to send their reservation confirmation to, and in return, receive an offer for the exact same room, on the exact same dates, at least 5% cheaper. Once the users take advantage of the better offer, they simply cancel their original booking made on another platform, and that’s how they save substantial amounts of money.

Since the launch, “Better Deal” has resulted in quota 3 839 requests from the guests. has been able to respond to 3 401 of them with a better offer, which means nearly 90% of the customers were enabled to save money. On average, guests saved €26 per booking. The single biggest saving was €77, for a stay at a wonderful hotel in Italy. Another customer saved as much as 15% on his accommodation in Thailand. Some of the consumers have already taken advantage of “Better Deal” with multiple bookings.

The launch of the feature has been well-received by the industry media, as well as the mainstream. We’ve counted over a hundred publications worldwide. Along with the launch of “Better Deal”, we’ve started Google and Facebook campaigns, which to this day, have accumulated over a million views. Every day we get multiple inquiries about “Better Deal”, from the people in the industry.

“Within a few hours after the official launch, our inbox got basically flooded with requests. That was the scenario we were hoping for, but it was still surprising to see. In fact, it was so surprising, that our server got overloaded and inevitably went down for a short time before we restored it” – said Michael Ros, the co-founder of “The launch of ‘Better Deal’ was met many inquiries from the people working in the hospitality industry, but we’ve also received a lot of support.”

“Better Deal” hasn’t only been successful for and the consumers, but the hoteliers as well. The single saving record on one booking was €231, and on average hoteliers save €67 per each booking. That’s possible, because doesn’t charge any commission, while other OTAs charge up to 25% of the value of the booking. So even with a discount for the guests, “Better Deal” is literally a better deal for the hotels.

“Vast majority of the hoteliers are happy to re-book their guests with us. With ‘Better Deal’ they can save up to 20% on a booking, while knowing that the guests will be satisfied as well. And that’s my favorite part of it all – everybody wins. Well, maybe except for the major OTAs, whose customers are going our way” – concludes Ros.

How does it work?

The idea behind the new feature is to help out the customers, as well as the hoteliers. does not charge the customers or hotels any commission, while and Expedia set their commission rates at outrageous levels - up to 25%.

True to its motto of always offering the customer the better price, Bidroom is offering users the opportunity to get a better deal on bookings they’ve already made. The process is very simple: users email their booking confirmation from, Expedia or to The company then processes the request on its own platform to find a better deal at the same hotel with the same room conditions. The user is then able to make the reservation for a lower price. Once the new booking is confirmed by the hotel, the user can cancel the original reservation (given it includes free cancellation). Users are promised a discount between five and fifteen percent on the original booking.

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