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Last year’s winner of the TTE Disrupt Awards returns to the show with two innovative new use-cases

Feb 16, 2017

Artificial intelligence drives sorting by personal relevance for increased engagement and conversion - and support of call centre agents.

bd4travel, acknowledged for its disruptive real-time user profiles from anonymous website users, expands the reach and impact of its solutions.

Until now, users of the bd4travel technology gained predictive real-time insights into their full online audience and could automatically recommend best matching offers to every individual user.

To facilitate more personalised search results for the user, bd4travel has supplemented its recommender product with a new module that completely alters the sort order of result lists – to personal relevance. What sounds like a simple alternative to price-sorted lists, is in fact a paradigm shift for travel websites.

“Since the start, result lists have been price sorted. In consequence, the best fitting offers were potentially hidden from the user on later result pages – creating a frustrating search experience and negatively impacting sales. It´s not the price that matters most to the user, it´s the offer's relevance to the individual and it’s relative value” says Andy Owen-Jones, CEO of bd4travel.

This new use-case transforms personalisation from an add-on alongside the regular
booking process to an integral part of it. This follows bd4travels strategy to create inspiring and enjoyable travel shopping experiences – increasing both user satisfaction and conversions.

All bd4travel solutions share the same artificial intelligence engine, which detects countless direct and indirect user signals – to predict a user’s interest and intent, as well as the next best action in real-time.

“We call this digital empathy, and it’s what a good travel agent would do for his client”
explains Andy Owen-Jones. “The challenge is not only to understand the user, but also to know the entire travel portfolio in detail – as the dimensions of what makes a perfect trip are many times higher than in other retail industries.”

Visitors to the bd4travel booth (T312) can also have a look at the latest version of a new personalisation module for call centre agents. It enables them to effectively
support selected users, such as those with highest risk of churn, potential booking volume or personal advice requirements - all based on their individual real-time profile.
bd4travel will share its insights into disruptive technologies as contributors to the congress program:

“Bricks and mortar versus clicks and mortar” Andy Owen-Jones, CEO at bd4travel, Innovation Theatre, 22 February at 11.15am

“Getting the disruptive mentality: How large companies can work with startups”
Andy Owen-Jones, CEO at bd4travel, Innovation Theatre, 22 February at 4.50pm
“Issues of personalisation - and how to solve them”

Jackie Groves, VP Sales at bd4travel, “Tech Huddle” discussion, 22 February at 1:25am

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