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OTAs/Channel Managers: Outsource your PCI compliance

Feb 06, 2017

Cloud-based service provides an easy, simple way to become PCI compliant, ensuring that confidential data never enters system infrastructures.

Ensuring that payment card data remains out of PCI scope is a concern that can keep Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Channel Managers (CM) and Internet Booking Engines (IBEs) awake at night. 

PCI compliance can solve the security issue, but the processes involved are time consuming, and incur never-ending costs.

Cloud-based PCI Booking lets hospitality organizations outsource their compliance. This proven, PCI DSS Level 1 tokenization service captures payment card and other personally identifiable information (PII) via an iFrame or on the fly, in exchange for surrogate tokens. Confidential data never touches system environments, keeping OTAs, IBEs and channel managers out of PCI scope.

Payment gateway-agnostic, PCI Booking lets hospitality suppliers leverage their own payment gateway provider, or move freely to another: no more vendor lock in. Deployed quickly, the service requires no changes to existing workflows or frameworks, nor any additional or specialized personnel. 

“More and more hotels, wary of heavy fines, are demanding that their third-party suppliers adhere to the protecting their guests data and become PCI compliant,” said Jason Perhar, Head of Business Strategy at PCI Booking. “Multiple customers -- including some of the largest global travel companies  -- are using the outsourced PCI Booking solution to ensure they remain out of PCI scope whilst remaining focused on their core business strengths.” 

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